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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Avesta?

Avesta (AVE) is the key to implementing cryptocurrencies in real life, making it easy for people and enterprises to manage their own financials and overall setting a new crypto-standard.

Avesta’s goal is to introduce crypto payments in Africa, creating a new, efficient and reliable financial system.

Why use Avesta?

Avesta is removing the need for banks allowing individuals and businesses to manage their funds using the Avesta Multicoin Wallet. This wallet allows users to safely store both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. In addition, the wallet provides a seamless conversion between crypto and fiat.

Avesta wants to offer real-time payments using the multi-layered Avesta Blockchain. This allows businesses to monitor their cash flow anywhere and anytime. Avesta is perfectly integrable with your small business accounting software in order to increase your efficiency and profitability.

How can I buy Avesta?

Avesta can be bought using fiat money (EUR, USD, …) or other digital currencies. (BTC, ETH, …) The Avesta Multicoin Wallet allows you to buy AVE Tokens.

How to store your Avesta's?

Your Avesta tokens can be stored using our Multicoin Wallet. This is a next generation wallet that allows you to store both cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

What can you buy with Avesta?

Upon completion, you can buy so many things with Avesta, here are some examples:

  • Food – Yes, we all love pizza!
  • Any item in a webshop that integrates Avesta e-Payments.
  • Online VPN services.
  • Steam games.
  • Flight tickets and travel points.
How to sell Avesta?

You can both use our Multicoin Wallet or an online Exchange to sell your Avesta Tokens. It is also possible to convert your Avesta Tokens to fiat using the wallet.

How to accept Avesta Payments for your store?

Avesta will offer a plugin (payment link) that enables webshop owners to accept Avesta Payments. We offer as well our Point of Sale hardware solution (in combination with our software portal) for managing all your offline sales and accepting Avesta Payments in your local store.

How do Avesta transactions work?

An Avesta transaction consists of a destination address and an amount that you want to transfer. The transaction will be sent to our multi-layered Blockchain which will process the transaction in less than 10 seconds.

What is the difference between Avesta and Bitcoin?

Avesta processes transactions 60 times faster than the Bitcoin network. An Avesta transaction generally takes up to 10 seconds, which is incredibly fast!

What is Avesta e-Commerce services for merchants?

Merchants can accept e-Payments using our Avesta platform. Benefits? Speed, lower transaction cost and more efficient management of your sales.


What is Avesta Withdraw?

Avesta Withdraw enables users of the Multicoin wallet to withdraw money or other coins from the wallet to a bank account or another wallet.

Which coins or cash can I withdraw?

You can withdraw:

  • Fiat: Euro and US Dollar
  • Crypto: BTC, ETH, and AVE.
How do I withdraw in Avesta?

It’s as easy as selecting the correct amount and the currency you want to withdraw and filling in a destination address.

Request Money

What is the option Request Money?

The Request Money functionality allows users to request money from an individual who owns them.

How Do I Request Money?

On the Avesta platform, you can request money from someone by filling up a form. Once filled up, the individual who you sent it to will receive a notification and can login to pay you. Also, you can send him a QR code which he can scan in order to pay you using Avesta.


How do I Login on Avesta Platform ?

Just click here:


On the mobile phone please click on “open Civic App”
On the desktop/laptop please scan the Civic QR core with your Civic Application on your phone/tablet

How do I Register on Avesta Platform ?

Just click here:


On the mobile phone please click on “open Civic App”
On the desktop/laptop please scan the Civic QR core with your Civic Application on your phone/tablet

You can watch the Tutorial Video:

Watch Video


What is an Avesta Wallet?

A wallet is a web service that generally serves for storing a specific crypto coin. Avesta has developed the next-generation wallet that allows you to store both digital currencies (BTC, ETH, …) and fiat (EUR, USD, …)

What type of wallets does Avesta provide?

Avesta provides a web wallet (desktop, mobile) for users. The Mobile App for Avesta is underway.

How can I convert my crypto into Avesta?

You can just select the coin and amount you want to convert and hit the ‘conversion’ button. Make sure you have selected Avesta as the destination currency.


What is Avesta Deposit?

Avesta deposit allows you to deposit fiat or other cryptocurrencies into your Avesta Multicoin wallet.

Which coins or cash can I deposit?

You can deposit:

  • Fiat: Euro and US Dollar
  • Crypto: BTC, ETH, and AVE.
How do I deposit in Avesta?

It’s as easy as selecting the correct amount, the currency you want to deposit and filling in a destination address.


Why do I have to wait for confirmation?

A transaction is forwarded to our Avesta Blockchain which will have to verify if you have enough funds to send the transaction. The Blockchain has to reach consensus on the legitimacy of your transaction, this takes up to 10 seconds.

How much will the transaction fee be?

Avesta aims to charge 60-80-% lower fees than traditional systems that are currently available on the market.


What is Avesta Trade?

Avesta Trade is the exchange of digital goods/services between two parties. You can buy and sell Avesta tokens, as well other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum…).

How do I trade in Avesta?

The exchange functionality is still under development. Check the ‘Updates’ page to find out the actual status.


What is Avesta Invoice?

Avesta Invoice is a simple tool that lets you create invoices to be sent to your clients. These invoices will include an Avesta payment link as part of our e-Payment functionality.

How do I create an Invoice in Avesta?

The Avesta platform lets you create an invoice like any other invoicing platform and gives you the possibility to send your invoice to your customer and track the status on the Blockchain. The creation date of the invoice is stored on the blockchain as well.


What is Avesta e-Payment?

The Avesta e-Payment is a processing module used in physical/online shops to accept payments using the Avesta platform. This is created to give you a better user experience than the traditional systems.

How do I pay online in Avesta?

Avesta offers lightning fast payment experience. There are several ways to pay online with Avesta :

  1. Scan a payment link containing a QR code.
  2. Bank Transfers and Debit Card Payments.
  3. PayOnline (Avesta Top Up, [email protected])
  4. Pay by Invoice (Business Account)
  5. Pay via SMS/email confirmations.
How do I integrate Avesta in my website?

You can do this by installing a plugin (payment link) that enables webshop owners to accept Avesta payments.


How does Avesta Mining works?

Mining involves running powerful computing chips to run specifically crafted software day and night. That software forces the system to complete complicated calculations for which the miners are rewarded Avesta tokens. Mining is a crucial part of Avesta as it helps to secure and run the network.

How to download and setup an Avesta Miner?

From download to command prompt, everything you need to know step by step is available here.

View Mining Tutorial

What is the difference between Confirmed and Unconfirmed balance?

What is Unconfirmed balance?

Unconfirmed balance can be incoming balance from a transaction or pending mining rewards.

What are Avesta Blockchain Details ?

Block retarget time: 10 seconds
Proof of Work Algorithm: Cryptonight+
Codebase: BCN
Coin Cap: 129.500.000
Coin Distribution: approx 33 years
Block explorer: